Hey, welcome to JavaScript Report! I thought my first post here should be something that explains what's going on, so here goes...

I started JavaScript Report about six months ago as a side project. It was originally supposed to be about having a website that my colleagues and I at Lullabot could experiment with.

It didn't really work out that way. Instead, I ended up focusing mostly on the Twitter account. That part turned out to be sustainable - and fun. I love sharing good writing or a nice tutorial someone has put a lot of care into. It's my small way of saying, 'thank you'.

Time passed and I added a Facebook page. That's pretty fun, too. But it was suggested I really should have a site, so here we are. It's built with Ghost and I'll do a short review of the service in the future.

Oh, about the newsletter...it's a weekly newsletter I put out that has the top stories for the week. 'Top stories' being defined by how popular they have been on Twitter and Facebook - a simple measure of engagements. It's a way to stay up to date with what is most interesting to other developers.

So, please sign up for the newsletter (form is below). I enjoy seeing which articles end up being the week's most popular and I think you will too.

Until next time, happy coding...